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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Sample letter tenants for maintenance and repairs

Letter Informing Tenants of Maintenance and Repairs

Dear Tenant,

This is bring all you in notice that the maintenance and repairs of all residences of Hill Side tower will be done by ABC brokers.

Currently, we are working on the request which made by Hill side tower residential for repairs and maintenance for Hill side tower A. We are happy to inform you that we recently received all the fire and safety approval from authorized department which will now allow the ABC broker company to start the repairs and maintenance as well as planned renovations of tower. We will update all of you about the schedule.

This is the first of many upgrades for the year 2017. We would like your cooperation to settle your bills on time to ensure our ongoing maintenance, repairs and improvements. Please consider this an added benefit to your real estate investment.

Cordially yours, 

Building Supervisor manager

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