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Sunday, December 18, 2016

visa application extension sample letter or email


               *sample letter for extension visa application*

sample letter for visa extension application
Letter Visa extend application

Subject:  Visa extension to pursue contract negotiations and business matters

Hello sir

I am staying here from last three month, I came here on business visa and it is going to expire on 22/12/2016.I wish to extend my business visa for 1 month more due to business meeting re schedule after the Christmas vacation which is in January 2107. I am requesting an extension of stay as a visitor on business travel until 22/01/2017.

I have also enclosed official letters from my company and the details of our business meeting details. Also please find the immigration forms and the required processing fee of $500.

I would really appreciate it if my request for an extension would be granted as soon as possible. 

Suman  reddy

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