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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Thank you note to customer client for selecting our Services sample email

      *Thank you note to Client for Selecting our Services*

       A good follow-up letter thanking the client for choosing your company. It is also  perfect  for thanking client after winning the bid.


Subject : Thanks for selecting our service 

Dear Mark,

We as XYZ company LTD are very proud and thank you full for choosing our service, We guarantee you would not be disappointed with our service. We appreciate your business requirement and support to do on call service continue and we won't disappoint with the result.
Thank you note to customer client for selecting our service
Thank you note to customer

As always, you may reach me at [7636-334-333] for any service concerns.

Best Regards,
Myrna Don 

visa application extension sample letter or email

               *sample letter for extension visa application*

sample letter for visa extension application
Letter Visa extend application

Subject:  Visa extension to pursue contract negotiations and business matters

Hello sir

I am staying here from last three month, I came here on business visa and it is going to expire on 22/12/2016.I wish to extend my business visa for 1 month more due to business meeting re schedule after the Christmas vacation which is in January 2107. I am requesting an extension of stay as a visitor on business travel until 22/01/2017.

I have also enclosed official letters from my company and the details of our business meeting details. Also please find the immigration forms and the required processing fee of $500.

I would really appreciate it if my request for an extension would be granted as soon as possible. 

Suman  reddy

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