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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Sample Warning Letter Format

               Sample Warning Letter Format

Ms/Mr. Nutan
Address : Dubai
Date: 12/12/2016
Subject: Warning Information
Dear Ms/Mr. Nutan
This is bring you in notice and attention that management has been received many complains about your working style with the other staffs. There are also complains of post against the employees at the lower post use and influence with them. We have also come to know that you are using office material for your personal use.
We consider it as the serious code of conduct of our company policy and take it as an act of threatening your co workers. We warn you of strict actions if you don’t improve your behavior and bring changes in your conduct. We hope that you will work in coordination with your staff to bring good results.
We hope that this letter will act as warning in advance to avoid complications in future. If you have any concern in this regard, feel free to contact any person in management.
We expect you to change your behavior.
Nitin Sagar
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Tip : Do not write difficult while writing the warning letter format :

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