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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Sample Thank Letter for Gift of Chocolates

Dear Anita,

I just received your wonderful gift of Chocolate, After long time I am having such delicious chocolates, It has been very busy and stressful month for me. so i appreciate this present, 

Thank you so much for your lovely gift.

Your's Friend

Sample Request Letter to Customer to Issue Correct Name on Check Payments

    Sample Request Letter to Customer to Issue Correct Name on Check Payments

Dear Mark

First all thank you for issuing the check for BMC project for first quarter 2016 and check was release on timely, our company name on the check was incomplete and has cause us delay in clearing it with your bank.
I would like to kindly remind you of your bank's policy that they only accept check's issued under the full registered business name. To further avoid such incidents in the future, would you please be so kind to write the correct name of our company: "BMC Pvt Ltdin full on the check.

Thank you in advance for helping us

R.A. Sharma 
BCM Head

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Sample Letter for Parent's Permission

                                       Parent's Permission Letter

Dear Parents,

It is bring you in notice the your child has been selected to perform at dancing to held on 12-Sept-2016 at 3.00 PM in school ground. This event highly enjoyable event and your attendance is importance to your child and school community.

If you would like your child to perform at this concert please complete the reply slip below with your signature. Please submit this form to any faculty or school staff as soon as possible..

Yours sincerely
Miss Myrna
Teacher 5 standard 

Sample Letter for Early Maternity Leave

   Request Letter for Early Maternity Leave Due to Pregnancy Complications

Dear HR Sir / Madam,

I am planning to apply early maternity leave, starting on 23-Sept-2016 and will be returning to back to work after my due date on 10-Aug-2016.

I am experiencing pregnancy complications related to my blood pressure levels and I have been advised complete bed rest by my obstetrician. Attached is my doctor's letter of necessity. 

Please consider my request with utmost urgency.

Thank you very much.

Sincerely yours,

Sample Letter : Reference Letter for Housekeeper

                          Reference Letter for Housekeeper

                                             To Whom it May Concern:

It is bring you in notice that Miss Myrna has been working for us last five years and our department are very happy with her work and attitude as well as her companionship so I would like to give my strong recommendation for Miss Myrna.

Miss Myrna is reliable with the housekeeping duties. She is well-organized. She can quickly and efficiently and honest. Throughout the years, she has truly made our home comfortable to live in.

She is a very good cook.she consistently provides us with lovely dinners. She is also meticulous in handling the laundry and has shown good care in washing delicate fabrics and clothing.

Miss Myrna is an invaluable asset to any household, and I highly recommend hiring her. If you’d like to discuss her background and work history in detail, please feel free to contact me.


Sample Letter for Get together party

                             Invitation to Party Letter  RSVP Letter

Dear Friends,

We are  planning to have a get together on coming Sunday at 7:30pm in the University area. A old circle of friends before I get transferred to Indore. If anyone can make it out please give me a shout. I promise an awesome spread of vegan food for dinner and for meat-eaters, I got prime-o ribs by Doug. There's something for everyone!

Mark N

Sample Letter : Office Snitch Letter Confronting Who is at Fault

               Office Snitch Letter  Confronting Who is at Fault

Dear Sir / Madam,

Yes I know what was happened yesterday, I was there, but I have not throw Mr karan under the bus for Karan fault. I think whoever's at fault here should be held accountable. I think the team lead Mr Mukesh should speak up about the matter, and soon, it happened under his leadership. After which I will give my statement about the incident.


Thursday, September 8, 2016

Sample Application to change the adsense payee name

Date : xxx

Subject: Adsense Account Payee Name Change - Pub-id

Dear Team,

I mistakenly enter my account payee name wrongly while applying adsense program. Due to this i am not able to withdraw my earning funds from bank account.

I want update "Old Payee Name" to "New Payee Name" for my adsense account. I have added my account details for your reference; also I have attached my valid proof in this email.

AdSense Publisher ID My Current Payee Name: xyz
My Adsense Publisher ID: (pub-xyz)
Country Name: xyz

I have read google policies and terms of services and i am sure that I never miss use it.

Your Sincerely,
xxxx yyyy 

Friday, September 2, 2016

Sample Payment for Supplier Letter

      Payment for Supplier Letter

Dear Supplier,
This is bring you in notice that the project is finally approved, We will be require all the document be sent to us by Monday that is 23-Sept-2016. How do we course our payment ?

Well done.


Mark N

Sample Anniversary Letter to wife

              Happy Wedding Anniversary Letter


Dear Honey,

My dear wish you Happy 15th wedding anniversary my dear wife! I love you! Cheers to more of life's precious moments. Hope we will continue our life till the end,

Come home early and let's celebrate. 


Sample Letter to confirmation of purchase of order

Sample Letter to confirmation of purchase of order 

Dear Customer, 

Congratulations!!! This is to confirm that your payment has been successfully completed.

Reference No :  MOM10989
Payment Mode : COD
Amount : $ 200.00
For more information to product specific inquiry or question, Please contact us on toll free number 1 1800 244 445 
Thank you for shopping with us  

Sale Manager team

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