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Friday, December 25, 2015

Thank you Letter to Client for Christmas Gifts

Thank you Letter to Client for Christmas Gifts

Dear Mark,

We appreciate your lovely gifts sent to our office on the occasions of Christmas. It was really such a nice surprise for our team. It was great working with you, the opportunity was certainly a challenging and inspiring endeavor. We look forward to working with you again and again this coming year!

Thank you and Happy Holidays!
Fernando Mark
Project Manager
ABC Ltd.

Sample Letter A Working Mom's Resignation Letter

A Working Mom's Resignation Letter

Dear Sir,

This is to inform you of my resignation and I wish to be relieved of my duties with ABC Organization as a S/W engineer with one month notice effective 21/12/2015.

After careful consideration, I have decided to accept a new position. I believe this decision is in the best interest of my daughter and my career at this point of time.

I am grateful for the time I’ve spent as an employee of ABC organization and I feel that I have fulfilled my duties to the best of my abilities while employed.

I greatly appreciate your kind understanding of my decision to leave and I wish all the best for you and the company in the future.

Sincerely yours,

Merry Fernando

Thank You Letter to Friends and Relatives After Funeral

Thank You Letter to Relatives After Funeral

Dear All,

We wish to express our heartfelt gratitude and sincerest appreciation to all our friends, colleagues and relatives who stood with us during our bereaved time.
These small gestures gave us strength to endure our loss. We will always treasure in our hearts your kind expression of sympathy
We would like to thank you for the mass cards, flowers, material and spiritual assistance you gave us.

We request everyone whose lives my brother touched to please remember him in your prayers.


Sample Application or letter to Scheduling An Applicant's Interview Date

     Notice of Applicant's Interview Date

Dear Mark, 

We received your application on-line for  Technical Module Lead  and we appreciate your interest in joining our organization.

Currently, we have a vacancy for this and we would like to schedule you for screening on Date 21/12/2015 and time 2.PM.

Please confirm your attendance by reply to this email . Moreover, don’t forget to bring a current copy of your CV/resume. Let me know if you have any question 

Thank you.
HR Office 

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Sample Letter to Work Report Letter to Boss

                       * Work Report Letter to Boss *

Dear Sir,

In line with our Project SBC, Please advise us that the following requirements have been met:

a)  Region CA, NY & OHIO have been notified of their shipments.
b)  Marketing calendars are now set to anticipate bulk orders from Region CA.
c)  Coordination have been done between Department Finance to Department HR has been streamlined by Brand Associate 1.

I have also been up to par with work tasks of which you have assigned:

a) Delegate Project Requirement documentation to interns.
b) Finished statistical report on Project SBC brands.
d) Taken sign of to client.

Please let me know if the information in my work report is sufficient. You may email me any questions or concerns.

Thank you


Sonam Kapoor

Sample Letter Asking for the Status of my Job Interview

          Letter Asking for the Status of my Job Interview

Dear Sir/ Mam

I hope you are doping well. I am Mark John and I would just like to follow-up on the status of my job application.
Last Month in Aug 2015, I applied for the software engineer position in your company and I went through 1st and 2nd interviews by mid-Aug. I have discussed and met with the HR manager on the first day of interview who informed me that you were looking to make decisions soon. Overall, the interview was very positive. I am uncertain about how I did with that interview, but they did let me in on their work flow and process. Miss Lavina made me try out some of the pitches and asked for my opinion- I took this to be a positive sign on my part. She also disclosed that they are very much in need of this position to be on board.

As you might gather from my email, I remain very interested to work for your company (Company name). and I feel I am a suitable candidate for the job.

It' have been 1 month since my 2nd interview. Though I know you run a very busy schedule, I would like to ask about the status of my application. I would really appreciate any word on the matter.

Thank you very much for your consideration.

Mark John

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