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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Sample Letter : Request for Visa Extension as Visitor

Request for Visa Extension as Visitor

Dear Sir/Madam,

Enclosed please find the following immigration forms: [insert form details of your] and the required processing fee of $1500.

I am requesting an extension of visa stay as a visitor for pleasure until [mention date from date to date]. I wish to extend my stay to visit my friend [name of your friend] at [address of you friend]. Attached is his invitation letter as he is responsible for my lodging for the duration of my stay. Also included is a copy of my travel insurance and banking statements. 

It would be appreciated if you would grant my request for extension of stay, and forward the approval to me as soon as possible. 

Sunita Singh 

Sample Letter to Cancel and Change of Product Orders

Cancel and Change of Product Orders

Dear [Name],

This is bring you in notice to cancel my Ring order, product no. 9999,  The order was made through your online website last December 31, 2014. If possible, I would like it to be replaced with a new order for neck-lest, product item 7282, I hope you could accommodate my change in orders. I am aware no shipments have been made to my address.

Please adjust the balance on my account accordingly and please notify me of any extra charges.

Thank you very much,
MArk N

Cancel and Change of Product orders

Bihar Election 2015 result

                      Bihar Election 2015 result

Bihar Elections Schedule 2015

Phase- 1Phase-2Phase-3Phase-4Phase-5
No. of districts106679
No. of Assembly Constituency4932505557
Date of Notification16 Sep 2015
21 Sep 2015
1 Oct 2015
7 Oct 2015
8 Oct 2015
Last Date for filing Nominations23 Sep 2015
28 Sep 2015
8 Oct 2015
14 Oct 2015
15 Oct 2015
Date for scrutiny of nominations24 Sep 2015
29 Sep 2015
9 Oct 2015
15 Oct 2015
16 Oct 2015
Last date for withdrawal of candidatures26 Sep 2015
1 Oct 2015
12 Oct 2015
17 Oct 2015
19 Oct 2015
Date of poll12 Oct 2015
16 Oct 2015
28 Oct 2015
1 Nov 2015
5 Nov 2015
Date of counting8 Nov 2015
8 Nov 2015
8 Nov 2015
8 Nov 2015
8 Nov 2015
Date before which the election shall be completed12 Nov 2015
12 Nov 2015
12 Nov 2015
12 Nov 2015
12 Nov 2015

1>  BJP +  140
2>  JDU + 100

-----------------------------B J P + ----------------------------------------


----------------------------J D U + ----------------------------------------






Thursday, October 29, 2015

Sample Letter Requesting for Renewal of Contract as Employee

     Letter Requesting for Renewal of Contract as Employee

Dear Mr. Mark,
It is bring you in notice that my contract going to expire on March 31 2014, I am working with your organization last 3 years. I would like to inquire about my employment status and whether I will be up for a contract renewal. 

I hope you understand my concern that I would like to know the company's decision prior the end of my contract date, whether my employment would be extended or not, so I will have enough time to file the necessary documents to extend my work permit USA and apply for extension as well visa.

Thank you very much

Julia Robert

Sample letter to Inform Employee of Job Promotion and Salary Increase

Sample letter to Inform Employee of Job Promotion and Salary Increase

Dear Robert,

Congratulations on your outstanding performance!

It is bring you in notice that you will now be promoted from Junior Associate  to senior Associate.

Effective from July 1 2014, you will be receive increment in your salary of $1000 per month. In the process of promotion, you will be required to sign a new employee agreement  stating your new employee privileges, overall salary and tax deductions.

Please signify or notify your acceptance of my offer by signing and returning to me the enclosed copy of this letter along with the signed agreement no later than July 15, 2014.

Best regards,
HR Partner Officer

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Sample Explanation Letter for Absence Without Leave.

              Explanation Letter for Absence Without Leave

Dear Sir,

I have taken leave without informing you in office due to a family emergency. My sister has seriously taken ill and was taken to the hospital for surgery that day. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to inform you,due to that reason for suddenly absent in office. I am applying the leave in the system for my missed work two days. I hope you may reconsider my day of absence as a leave.

Hoping for your consideration on the matter.

Mark N. 

Sample Letter Seeking Christmas Donations

           Sample Letter Seeking Christmas Donations

Dear Friends,

It is bring you in notice that through the efforts of the our ABC Community, there would be a cake on Jingle Bell Night on December 21, 2014 at 10pm. All
the donations and proceeds for the night will go to the St. Mathu which will bring good cheer to our homeless brothers and sister's this Christmas.
Below is the list which may be want to share with our brother's and sister's

• Clothes & bath items
• Tables & chairs
 • Cleaning materials & gardening tools
• Kitchen utensils & cooking stove

Call for registration at 1 234 xxx xxx  on or before December 10 for tickets and inquiries.

Name of person or group

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Sample Welcome Letter to Guest Staying at Hotel

Welcome Letter to Guest Staying at Hotel

Dear Member,

You have finally arrived our hotel, Welcome to you and your family!!

After such a long flight journey, we thought you could use a little pampering. As one of our special guests you are entitled to a Dinner hosted at the our hotel y one of our sponsors, The Olive Steak House at 7pm.

So sit back and relax and enjoy these goodies as opening day preparations are underway.

See you in the morning!

Neicy way

Relationship Manager 

Sample Letter Asking for the Status of my Job Interview

      Letter Asking for the Status of my Job Interview

Dear Mam/Sir,

I hope you are doing well. I am Anita Robert and I would just like to follow-up on the status of my job application on 23 July 2015.

I applied for the software engineer position for ABC ltd. and I went through 1st and 2nd round interviews by mid-July. When i met with the HR manager on the 1st round interview who informed me that MArk N was looking to make decisions soon. Overall, the interview was very positive. 

As you might gather from my email, I remain very interested to work for ABC Inc. and I feel I am a suitable candidate for the job.

It have been 3 weeks since my 2nd interview. Though I know you run a very busy schedule, I would like to ask about the status of my application. I would really appreciate any word on the matter.

Thank you very much for your consideration.


Anita Robert

Sample letter Sorry for Project Delay

                        Sorry for Project Delay

Dear Sir,

I would like to apologize for the delay with the deliverables.Our intention is to give you the best service as possible as.

In regards with last on Thursday's meeting, I hope this new proposal meets your requirements. It covers scope of services and cost estimates for the project.

Requested scope of Services: 

>To Update and Editing of Index Page based on the layout discussed during the meeting.
>To Database Archive Changes
>To Change in existing Design
>To change look and fill front end

Please feel free to email me for any concern or questions you may have regarding our proposal.

I look forward to working with you on this important project. I can begin coordinating with your responsible staff for the next updates.

Thank you very much

Mark N.

Sample letter to Request for Employment Certificate from Past Employer

   Request for Employment Certificate from Past Employer

Dear HR Officer,

it is bring in your notice that i am EX employer of your ABC transport to request for my employment certificate.

I was working as a Receptionist Consultant for 10 years (March 2000-May 2010) under the communications department.

I am currently showing/compiling all my past employer references as part of my visa application at the USA embassy of which I required to present on June106, 2010. I need the employment and experience certificate as soon as possible.

Hoping for your kind attention and favorable consideration. 

Mark Nordon

Monday, October 26, 2015

Sample Real Estate Testimonial Letter

                            Sample Real Estate Testimonial Letter

To Whom It May Concern,

The service and personal attention we received from
Anita Robert was exceptional and unexpected from a Realtor! They are truly a caliber team. 
Their knowledge of the local market and their key contacts in the community helped us in our search for our dream home. After patiently going through listings and explaining tax details with us, 

they made sure we got the best offer for our previous home and more importantly, the best value purchase for the new one!

Regardless of whether you are buying or selling, I would highly recommend Anita Robert to help you in this life changing move. We could not have asked for a better Realtor to guide us through the process.

MArk N.

Sample Hello Letter to Best Friend

                                    Hello Letter to Best Friend

Hello Marna,

Julia here. Just wanted to say hello. Hope you are doing well since I last saw you. I'm very sorry that I didn't call as I should. I am litter be busy with my new job as you know, this is the reasons why I'm out of the loop. But I miss you a lot and our little trips together. You'e still my best friend forever, ya you know.

Hope to see you  soon.

Your Friend


A cute hello letter to see what's going on in your bestfriend's life

Sample letter Sending Thank you Gift to Client

            Sample letter Sending Thank you Gift to Client

Dear Julia

Thank a lot to you for being one of our valuable customers. We are sending you a small present for as a token of our gratitude. We think our gift is perfect for someone like you who appreciates the value of our  quality service. It is our small way of saying thank you for your business through the years.

once again big thanks you for being our valuable customer.


MArk N.

Thank You Letter for Support of Event

                  Thank You Letter for Support of Event

Dear Julia,

I/We would like to say a big thank you to all your supported last month Maths Science fair, and who took time to join the competition in the Chemistry category. We treasure the enthusiasm, talent, and effort that went into the entries. It really took time and energy for us to organize such a significant event among science enthusiasts.

Thank you very much and I hope you would support us on coming event as well

MArk Nordon

Sample Sick Day Excuse Letter

                  Sample Letter of Sick Day Excuse Letter

      The Manager 

Subject : Sample Sick Day Excuse Letter 

Dear Naicy,

I am unable to come to work today because I am having loose motion and chills since last two days.  I will see how things work out and i would apply for leave in our lease application system tomorrow, this could be the fever as well.Hopeful I will join office and complete pending work tomorrow. Please let the marketing team know I will not be at the meeting today.

Julia Robert

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Sample Letter Giving Up Parental Custody of Children

Letter Giving Up Parental Custody of Children 

                     To Whom It May Concern

To Judge Mark of  Ujjain Civil District,

This is bring you notice to all that officially and publicly declare that I,Sunita Robert would not seek further custody of my children(MArk age 11 years and Julia age 15 old).

I love my children and I am giving up my parental rights for their well-being and safety to their grandfather. They need to be with family who know and love them.

I would like that the court grant custody to their paternal grandmother and grandfather who has cared for them for most of their lives. 

Thanks very much for notice

Sample Request Letter to Reduce Work Hours and Demand Over Time Pay

Sample application Request Letter to Reduce Work Hours and Demand Over Time Pay 

Dear Sir /Madam:

it is bring you notice that my number of working hours be reduce to 8 hours as specified in our employment contract policy. I have been working over time 4-5 hours daily after our required work hours (9.30am-5..30pm) without over time pay. These hours are spent ting in covering assignment which is assign to me and responsibilities meant for other departments.

As you are knowing, if I do not do these tasks for the day, the company will be loses the orders .

I would like you to suggest that the company hire the person to handle the overflow of work. I have done my part in volunteering so much of my personal time in handling our current logistic situation.

It is bring you advice you that kindly paid in the future for any over time work rendered by me.

Hoping for your kind consideration.

Thank you very much

Best Regards,
Mark Bolino

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Sample Letter to Parent about Child's Behavior in School

          Letter to Parent about Child's Behavior in School 

Dear Parent,

It is bring you in notice that as a community of teachers and parents working together to create a healthy learning environment for all our beloved students.

This is to notify you that last Friday, July 11, 2016 your child was given a Disciplinary referral for misbehaving in class.

If you have any questions concerning your child  behavior or the referral, please contact me during school hours (11 am – 6:00pm) at St. Mary's School.

Sister Maya De

Sample Request Letter for Salary Increase along with Job Transfer

     Request Letter for Salary Increase along with Job Transfer

Dear Sir / Madam:

This is regarding my transfer notice to the Team Leader at Ujjain District. As I am taking in additional responsibilities at this new location, I would like to ask for a salary increment along with my final approval of transfer.

 As you are also aware that my current salary is $2300 as a supervisor at the head Office. Now as I am a District Supervisor for financial, it would be difficult for me to sustain the increase in living and travel expenses with my daily commute to Ujjain District.

 I am very grateful for this promotional opportunity.Thank you for considering me as a supervisor for one of your important business centers, As per email, you are satisfied with my work, so I am very confident that you will sincerely consider my request as soon as possible.

I look forward to your positive response.

Yours sincerely,

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Letter Informing Clients that You've Switched Companies

      Letter Informing Clients that You've Switched Companies

Dear Users,

I am now a full-time real estate agent at Housing Associates LTD, coming in from my freelance status and working prior with 88acr company where I have met most of you at mixers and open houses.

Please be advised that my working arrangements with you, 88acr company real estate owners in particular will not be compromise. You will receive the same commitment and top-notched service from me as your real estate agent and broker liaison. This is something I personally guarantee to my clients – sacrifice and commitment. This is what has made me known in the industry and has attracted the interest of Housing Associates LTD.

My decision to join the Housing Associates LTD team is to gain valuable tri-state experience that goes with joining a large and solid firm. I will also be handling key properties in MG Road, Laxmi road which you may be interested in.

So please let meet me up  with you soon to discuss on the your properties

Ms. A.Sharma

Follow-Up to Client Inquiry for sales

Dear Mrs. Mark,

Thank you for your inquiry on  LENO Stick Delights. We have some very good and recent lists for Plum products and there is sale pricing available this week. If you would like some figures please contact me here

Also, please make sure to include this email in your response.

Sr.Sales Executive

Sunday, October 18, 2015

sample letter good bye

                                           Good Bye Email Message

 Last letter to my colleague in office ,Last day in office message to co-worker 

Sample #1
Hello All,

As you are all aware that 26th October (Tomorrow) is my last working day at Mphasis, An HP company. Just wanted to say a good bye to all of you... to all the people that I have worked with during these past 5.5 years.

During the 5.5 working years with US Healthcare Domain, I have learnt a lot. It was because of your constant support and encouragement that I was able to perform my duties so well, I have gained considerable knowledge and thus I shall always cherish this as one of the most satisfying phases in my career.
I’m very glad I was part of this nice team of brilliant people. My tenure with the team has been full of learning, hard work, achievement’s and laughter.

The world is round and the place which may seem like the end may also be the beginning. I Hope to see you around again. J J

I wish all the very best to all of you and a BIG Thanks for all your support.

I will be available at my personal contact number and mail id

-Thank You Again and Best Regards:

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good bye sample letter

                                    Good bye sample letter

 Sample #1

Dear Friends,

After a wonderful journey of six and half years with MphasisLTD, Thank you for your help and support. I’m moving on to pursue new challenges and opportunities.

Today is my last working day at Mphasis LTD and it’s been a privilege interacting with many of you during my stint with this company.

As I move on, I wish MphasiS-HP and each one of you great success in your future endeavors.

My personal details :- you can be in touch with me through facebook and linkdin or below details.

999 000 0001



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Friday, October 16, 2015

good bye message to office colleage

                         Good Bye letter or message

Hi All,

Finally I got some time today to express myself about my journey in MPhasis. 24th July was my last working day in MPhasis. I joined MPhasis Oct 2008 and was allocated to BSC project where I worked little less than 7 years. It was great experience for me. I started as an individual contributor and grew to Lead team. This would have not be possible without support my team and leaders. 

In my tenure in MPhasis, I have earned some good friends Arvind, Prakash, Gaurav, Lakshmi, Vishal, Yogesh, Sanjeet, Prafulla. I would to like thank you all for making my stay in MPhasis full of fun.

Also I would like to thanks Anshul for providing opportunity to fulfill my aspirations. 

Thanks Jim Marr and Kent Sutter for your support and guidance, without which my journey in MPhasis would not this great. 

Here is my personal email ID, contact number and facebook link. Keep in touch.

Mobile : 1-xxx-vvv-xxx

thanks and regards,
Mark N.

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