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Friday, February 28, 2014

Request for job transfer letter format

There can be a situation when due to some reasons you should change your residence. In addition, if there is a chance to be transferred to anther branch of your company that can be a better solution than quit a job. The job transfer letter written in a proper way can bring good results. The below given sample can be used for that reason.

Transfer Request Letter
Transfer Request Letter
Mr. Smith
General Manager,
London Bank (A branch)
Dear Mr. Smith,

It is already 4 years that I have been working at this branch and I was devoted to our organization during all these years. Next month I am moving with my family to Cambridge since my wife had been offered a job there. This job opportunity is great and she was searching for that for a long time. The company had no any branches in London, therefore our family shuld move to Cambridge. For that reason, I request you to consider my job transfer to the branch in Cambridge. The transfer will be very beneficial for me. I do not want to quit the organization, which I am so loyal with and the work for the Bank in other city can be a solution.

I hope for you understanding. Please, consider my request.

John Baker

Cover Letter for Claims Adjuster

Cover Letter for Claims Adjuster
Cover Letter
Daphne Pipkin
3960 Lee Avenue
Camden, NJ 8102
Sep 11, 2010

Mr. Caleb Wells
Homesite Insurance
575 Ferry Street
Florence, AL 35630

Dear Mr. Wells,

Thank you for posting the opening for a Claims Adjuster for your insurance company. This is a position I feel equipped to fill, and I would like to start immediately.

As you will see from my resume, I have been a Claims Adjuster for the past four years at Progressive Insurance, and have worked three years before that as an Administrative Assistant in the same office. I know all of the most current national and state coverage laws and specifics, and know how determine eligibility. Moreover, I am a fine investigator and can root out the most necessary details for an insurance claim.

I would love to talk to you more about this position, and want you to give me a ring at (111)-440-2603 as soon as possible. Thanks so much for your considering me for this fantastic opportunity, and for your upcoming response.



Daphne Pipkin

Thank You for participating in our Survey

Thank You for participating in our Survey!

Your Survey has been successfully submitted.

We appreciate you taking your valuable time to share your thoughts and feedback.

Your input will be used to help Sam Gray and his company, Dale’s Auto Care, continue to develop his high-quality  automotive services.

Informal Letter Writing

Informal Letter writing
Informal Letter

Informal Letter Writing

Letter Writing and Formatting

Formal Letter ~ One writes a formal letter to someone who they do not know well, who is not family or friend. E.g.: letters written to the school authorities, letters written to your boss, profession related letters, etc.

Informal Letters ~ These letters are meant for family, friends or anyone whom you know really well. E.g.: letters written to your parents, friend, family members, etc.

Informal Letter

People who still depend on letters as means of communication, sometimes have no idea. Just follow one of the simplest informal letter templates given below and you will be an expert. Unlike a formal letter, we have no such rules in informal letter formats. But there is one particular format which you should follow while writing an informal letter, while understanding the different parts of a letter.

Letter Format

Date and Address:
The writer should mention their own address in the letter they are writing. It should be written on the right hand corner of the page. Writing this address is optional, because one may feel that the recipient knows you well so what's the need? However, it's not necessary that the recipient will remember your address always. So it's better that you write the address. If both the receiver and sender are from the same country, then there is no need to write your country's name. But if both belong to separate countries, then the sender should also write down the name of their country. After the address, leave a line and write the date. The date shows when the letter was written, obviously.

Greetings or Salutation:
The most common way to start off an informal letter is with a 'dear'. Since this letter is meant for your friends or family, there is no need to greet them as 'Sir' or 'Madam'. Put the name after that and then put a comma. e.g Dear Mike,.

If the receiver if very close to you, such as your best friend or your sibling, then instead of a 'dear' you could probably start off with a 'hey!' or 'hi!'. Keep in mind that this is for people who belong to the same age group as you do. Don't write 'Hey Dad!' (Unless of course you are very very close to him).

Text or Body:
While writing the main content of the letter, keep in mind the following:
  • Paragraphs: They should be indented.
  • Informal language usage: While writing the letter be as friendly as possible. But don't go overboard. Do keep in mind to whom you are writing the letter. Don't write to your father, 'Hey dude! What's up?', but at the same time don't make the letter boring.
  • Punctuations, spellings and grammar: While writing a letter, nothing can be worse than spelling, grammar and punctuation errors. Wrong use of punctuations can change the entire meaning of what you are trying to convey. Things such as 'how are you hope you enjoyed your holidays. Mike going to New York yesterday' makes so sense. It will only confuse the reader. So be careful while writing your letter.
  • Use active voice: Active voice makes your letter sound more conversational and makes it more interesting to read. It's as if the person is conversing with you face to face.
  • Put in questions: Questions in your letter act as a good base on which you can write your letter on. Also, it motivates the reader to reply.
Close with a Compliment:
After writing the letter, sign off in a friendly manner such as 'Love,' or 'Missing you loads', 'Love you forever,', etc. Don't forget to put a comma after the compliment. Add your name after that.

Post script (PS):
Sometimes, while in a hurry, we often forget to include something in the letter. You can put that in the post script, at the bottom of the letter as P.S. I ranked first in class last week.

There, now if you follow all this, you know how to write an informal letter. So here's a sample which you can refer to while writing the next letter to your friend.

Sample Letter

Letter to a friend inviting him for your birthday party.

12 XYZ Lane,
PO Box: 1234,
New Delhi

13th June 2010

Dear Radhika,

How are you my friend? It has been some time since we met. How was your trip to Africa? Hope you enjoyed all the Safari trips? I received all the postcards which you had sent me from there. Thanks a bunch! I loved each of them.

Hey! Guess what? My Aunt Letty has organized an early birthday party for me, and she has asked me to invite all my friends. You know very well that no party of mine is complete without you. So please be at my place this Sunday. The party doesn't start till 4, but do come early so then we can go fishing at the lake. Bring Andy along with you too. Don't be late.

Hope you parents are all right? Give them my regards. And wish you all the best for your baseball match today. Miss you loads pal. See you this Sunday.

Take care,

Professional Farewell Letters sample Applicaiton format

Professional farewell letters are written by the subordinates to the boss with a reminder of their resignation. Letter states all the important followings along with the formalities if required. The letter mentions all the employee details along with the dates of the notice period which is served. All the other dues are mentioned for further references along with the letter.
7th Aug ’2010

Dear Sir,

As this company has accepted my resignation letter dated 7th June’2010, today is my last day for attending this organization. I have served a notice period of two months as mentioned in the company’s rules.

I will be joining Heads and Toes Company Ltd as a Senior Project Manager on 15th August’2010. All the HR formalities have been cleared and the follow ups have been passed on to Mr. Ervin Avery. The locker keys are handed over to Mr. abed as per your instructions. All the latest order lists have been passed on to Ms. Leola Bridges and need to be executed as per the deadlines.
In case of any other emergencies feel free to call me on my new cell number 009123456789. My personal email address is the same, so kindly mail me if required.
Kind Regards,
Hershel Yeats.

Resignation Letters

Resignation letters are written when a person is resigning from a company. In this letter the writer mentions the last working day and also thanks the boss for all the support. A resignation letter also mentions the new contact number along with the new residence address if any.
27th April’ 2010
Dear Sir,
This is to inform you about my resignation from the position of Project Manager from Zootoxin Corporation. My last working day of office will be 31st July ’2010. I will be completing the notice period for the same. I have mentioned all my leave dates to the Human Resources department and would be taking your leave very soon.

I would also like to than you for all your support and co-ordination for all these years. I cherish all the time I spent in this company. I would not have reached to this level of appreciation without your support.
I will be sending my new contact numbers to you once I receive them and will also mail you my new quarters address once I shift to my new residence. My personal e-mail address remains the same.
Thanking you,

Frank Eldrige

Sample Farewell Letter

A Farewell letter to a teacher is written when he or she is leaving the educational institute leaving behind beautiful memories. This letter is written by the school students to appreciate the teacher’s hard work and the time she spent teaching them in the school. It states some memorable instances which are cherished by the students and the lovely times they spent with the teacher also. They bid good-by to the teacher with a loving letter of appreciation.

01st August’2010

Dear teacher,

This letter is on behalf of std.4 C where we all respect the time we spent with you during our school hours. We loved the way you made us study and also appreciate the knowledge you shared with us.
This is to bid a farewell to you on your last day in our school. We all remember our first day to school, when you familiarized the school rules to us. It was the most memorable moment for us. We will miss your presence and your mind blowing speech during the school assemblies.
Please keep in touch on regular intervals. Do come and meet us when ever possible. We will miss your presence all the time.
Yours students,
Class 4 C.

Proposal Letter

  • A Proposal Letter should always be written in a formal way
  • Since it always is in response to a request for a quote, the request should always be referred to in the letter
  • The letter should be as soon as a quote request has been made to show the urgency from the seller’s side also
  • Since it is the world of great competition, the best and most competitive quote should be given
  • The proposal should sound beneficial both for the seller as well as the customer
  • The Proposal Letter should always be on a company letterhead
  • All contact details should be clearly mentioned in the letter if any contact needs to be established
  • A call should also be made a few days after the Proposal Letter has been sent

________________ (Name and address of customer)
________________ (Date)
Subject: Proposal for flower decoration for the wedding
Dear Sir or Madam
We are in receipt of your request for a quote for flower decoration for the wedding of your daughter on ___________ (date) at _________ (venue).
We thank you for showing interest in the quality of our work and wish to give you a proposal as per details listed below:
  1. The cost of the decoration will be Rs._________. This is inclusive of the decoration, material and labor
  2. We need ________ (hours) to get the venue ready so we will be arriving there at _______ (time) to get the place ready well before your guests start coming in
  3. Ms/Mr __________ (name of person in-charge of assignment) will be totally responsible for this assignment from our side. S/he may be contacted for any clarifications required if any
  4. Our representative will call you a day in advance to reconfirm the program as per our discussions
  5. We require 50% advance in the form of a post-dated cheque that should be given to us 7 days before the work date and the balance after the event
  6. As a gesture of gratitude for the order we will decorate one additional space at the venue absolutely free of charge
We assure you of an excellent quality of work clubbed with timely delivery.
Thanking you in anticipation.
Best regards,
(Name of signing authority)

Sample Price Proposal and Quotation Letter

Sample Price Proposal and Quotation Letter

Dear Mr. Augustine,

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to bid on the Marina Reservoir. We are willing to enter into a 6-year contract, but reserve the right to review the pricing structure after 3 years.

We are pleased to submit the following bid quotation:

• Breakwater Barriers - $130,000,000
• Installation of Concrete Fixtures- $20,000,000
• Quality Maintenance and Standards Upkeep (6 years)- $20,000,000

These quotation prices are for services and construction pre-fabs delivered in accordance with the project's timetable. Plus any state applicable taxes are included in our pricing proposal.

All future prices will be those in effect the day of shipment, Free on Board destination. Our credit terms are 60% percent upon execution of contract and 40% percent upon delivery.

Please feel to get in touch with me at 555-7868 about any of the specifics of this quotation. Again, thank you for considering Amsted Associates for your largescale development projects.

Best Regards,
Marc Reynolds 


How To Write A Successful Tender, Proposal or Quotation

Do you know why proposals fail? It’s simple. If you are like most businesses, your proposals probably look like everyone else’s and they usually focus on the price. If you spend valuable time presenting your proposals in this way, it will mean one of two things:

·      It will look so boring it might not even be read, or
·      The reader will just skip down to the price and compare yours with their other quotes
And probably, at that point, opt for the cheapest.
That’s not what you want. You need your proposal to be a successful sales letter, not a price list.

Write a Letter Not an Invoice

If you make your proposal look and read like a letter instead of an invoice, you have more chance of drawing your reader in to see why your services or products are worth the money.
Experts agree that there is an easy-to-follow format to writing a proposal that has more chance of success than what you are probably doing at the moment.

Make your proposal follow this order:

1. Remind them why you are writing – a general statement on what you are offering. This will jog their memory and continue their relationship with you.
For example:
Dear Mr Smith

Thank you for speaking with me over the telephone last week.  I now have a much better understanding of what the Council requires and understand the current constraints and reasons you are wanting to purchase a park mower that is better suited to handle the work more efficiently.
2. Recap on what’s been discussed so far – this is a very important sales point in your letter. Tell them what they have told you. Your client must be sure you understand exactly what they have asked you to do. Highlight the main points.
For example:
As you explained to me, the main area to be maintained by the new mower is one park and two ovals which totals around 10-12 Ha in area.  These areas are currently being maintained by the council’s slasher and out front mower.  I certainly agree with you that using a mower with twice the current cutting width will greatly improve the Council’s efficiency!

As the manufacturer of the Olympic Park Mower, we can customise the mower to suit your conditions and ensure what you purchase is an efficient, economic and very effective unit.  From our discussions I have noted some of your specific requirements and have included these in the pricing.  
3. The Price – By this time your client should be confident in your products or services. Tell them what the price is, but don’t make it stand out like a sore thumb. Most proposals or quotations do this by underlining or bolding the price, or by placing it as the last item on the bottom of the page. You do not want to build them up and them hit them with a nasty price at the end.
Your price should sound like an investment not a cost; one which is obviously going to benefit their organisation.
Give the total amount first, then, break it down if necessary, or outline the benefits that are contained in that price.
For example:
The total investment for your Olympic Park Mower is only $13,090.  Let me define what is included:
List all points to reiterate the benefits that they will receive, whether it is product features, or services rendered.
4. You have exactly what they need – this is where you tell them that you have exactly what it is they need and what they are looking for. You can add a list of services or product details here. Make it very much ‘what you get out of it ‘ focussed.
  • The model will be a TM371 Park Mower.  This unit is very similar to the one displayed at the recent Council field day at Make Believe Farm.  As you and your staff expressed, it is a very robust, very simple and very capable unit.
  • Your mower will be set up with a large diameter front roller. This allows the mower to safely follow the contour of the ground, even in semi rough conditions.
  • The rear of the mower will be fitted with a roller spanning the width of the main deck.  This will also help follow the contour and help keep the ground flat – especially in the wet. (Of course, if you decide to change the rear roller specification to two solid rubber tyres we can accommodate your request with no change to the price.)
  • Cutting height of the whole mower is easily adjusted with just three turnbuckle assemblies – no more bolts to undo or holes to line up. 
  • We will have the cutter beams manufactured to allow you to change between 4mm thick finishing tip blades and 7mm thick pasture slasher blades.  This will give you an even more versatile mower than ever before.
  • The TM371 has five oil bath sealed spindle units, all identical and all with a four groove cast iron pulley.  Each pulley is locked onto the spindle with a tapered spline.
  • Having each spindle and pulley assembly identical dramatically reduces the cost of spare parts backup and ensures you will always have the right part in stock!
  • Using an oil bath sealed spindle unit reduces the daily maintenance time and allows your operator to do his job – cutting the grass quickly and efficiently.
  • To ensure the mower is an effective cutting unit, even when the conditions become rough, thick or wet, we use two V belts wrapped around the deep grooved cast iron pulleys. 
  • You could say our spindle and drive system compares to that of a gearbox/driveshaft system, without the hassles and constraints!
  • The TM371 has been designed to be simple, strong and functionable – even the safety covers have been made from 4mm aluminium tread plate that you can stand on them and improve accessibility to the rear of the tractor.  The result is a mower that operators, mechanics and Park Managers all love!
5. So let’s make a deal – give them a plan of what to do next. This is the last thing that your reader will see, so tell them exactly what action to take, or what action you will be taking. Show them how to get the ball rolling so they can take advantage of your product or service as soon as possible. Present a suggested timeline.
For example:
Mr Smith, we are so confident that Imaginary Shire Council will be totally satisfied with the Olympic TM371 Park Mower, we will offer you a 100% money back Guarantee!  If you are not totally satisfied with the TM371 after three months from delivery, we will pick up the mower and refund the full amount of the Councils paid invoice.

I will call you next week to clarify any parts of our proposal for you.  To ensure you a swift delivery, I will also confirm the specifications of your mower and confirm with you the expected date of the Council’s official order so we can include your TM371 into our production planning.

I am looking forward to including Imaginary Shire Council on our very satisfied customer list.

Best Regards

Sample Invitation email to a business meeting

SUBJECT: Business Meeting on Thursday Jan 23rd at 9:00am

Hello team member,
I would like to expresses by personal gratitude for working so well as a team and being able to achieve last year’s targets. I am sure there were valuable lessons learnt from few mistakes made however we learn and improve through our mistakes.
This new year brings along new challenges and goals that cannot be achieved without contribution of everyone on this team.
In order to discuss this year’s work plan and to highlight each team member’s role, a meeting has been scheduled for Thursday, January 23, 2013 in the conference room at 9:00am. The team leads are requested to make a 15-20 minutes a presentation that covers last year’s achievements and next year’s plans. Any additional agenda regarding resource and funds allocation may also be included in the presentation.
Please acknowledge receipt of this email as usual.

Dave Topal

Sample Invitation email to conference

Here is a sample email invitation sent to specific people in an industry to participate in a conference.


Dear David Salaska,

We would like to invite you to attend the 6th Annual Entrepreneurship Promotion Conference organised by The Entrepreneurship Promoters Inc. , which is slated to hold from 13th Jan 2013 – 15th Jan 2013 at the Sheraton Hotel and Conference Center, Sydney Australia.
Entrepreneurship Promoters Inc. is a Not for Profit Organisation which has been providing vital information, inspiration and motivation to the citizens of Sydney to start and manage their own business. Every year we organize a conference where we invite entrepreneurs around the city to discuss some tips and tools that will promote or help their business.
This year our keynote speaker will be Mr John Marcus a 25 year old online entrepreneur who makes a profit of $40,000 every month. He will be speaking on the topic – Taking your business to the next level via online marketing.
During this year’s conference we would like to recognize you as one of the business owners that our budding entrepreneurs can interact with during the conference.

Kindly let us have your response by December 31st 2012 so that we can make further arrangements. We look forward to receiving a favorable consideration from you. We may also be contacted on phone at 111-111-3333.

Yours sincerely,

Sample Invitation Letter to Grand Opening

The President
Andola Copy Center
123 Masito Lane, Queens,
New York, USA. 1111111
Dear Sir,


Andola Copy Center is one of the major contributors to the community of Queens New New York, and we are happy to be doing business with you. I am delighted to inform you that ABC group has started another venture under the name “TINY TOT  Day Care Center” within the Queens community.
As you are aware that ABC group has always believed in serving its clients, customers, and other stakeholders with the best of services, the main focus of the daycare would be to provide the much need care and training for the little children in the community while their parents are busy with work. With our new facility we will be able to provide care to 100 new kids from 6 months to 5 years of age.
The opening of our day care center is scheduled for Thursday, January 23, 2013 at 11:00 am. The event will be attended by our close business friends, company members and few parents who have already enrolled their children in our first batch.
We would be extremely grateful if you can make it to the occasion and be a part of our celebration. Kindly inform us of your decision as soon as possible.
Your faithfully

Dave Manly
Vice President

Invitation to the Fire Department to be present at a Community Event

The Fire Chief
Fire Department, Station -222,
123 Street Address,
Kingston, Ontario, Canada


ABC is a community development center . There are a total 250 households in the Kingston north end most of which are members of ABC.  As part of its annual activities, ABC is planning to hold a Family Barbecue on Saturday, 25th January, 2014 at 11:00 am at the John McDonald Park. The main purpose of this Barbecue is to foster community spirit amongst the residents of the Community.
As part of the activities of the day, we would be honored to have the Community Fire Department with a Fire Engine at the event, so that the children can interact with the firemen and the fire engine. If possible, we would also appreciate a short speech about fire prevention and what to do in the event of a fire. We have scheduled this presentation for 1:00pm on that day.

We are expecting a total of about 200 – 400 people at the event.  Kindly let us know as soon as possible if you would be available to attend our event and any other questions you may have.


Sample Letter to Invite the Mayor to speak at an event

Inviting the mayor or any other dignitary to your event is important on two fronts. It helps you announce to the Mayor’s office that you are doing something and if the Mayor is able to attend or sends a representative, it give your event more credibility (depending on the popularity of the mayor) at least in some quarters. How does one go about writing an invitation letter to a Mayor. You simply follow the same format for writing any formal letter. However, you must remember to address the Mayor or any other dignitary properly.  It is also important to print the letter on your organization’s letter head paper or design a simple one and print on quality paper.

Here is a sample letter of invitation written to invite a Mayor to Speak at an event.
[Use the Letter Head Paper of the Club]
The Young Engineers Club of Queens University
Address of the Club, Website,
12th January 2013

Dear Honorable Mayor John Smith
The Office of the Mayor
City Hall
Address of the Mayor

Sample invitation to Retirement Dinner Party

Sample invitation to Retirement Dinner Party

Retirement parties are usually organised by the person retiring, however in some cases the company may want to throw a party for them. Here is a sample email, that may help you to construct your invitation email. This letter can also be used as a regular letter, all you will need to add is the Company letter head. Many invitations today are also done via various electronic invitations such as

Dear John Smith,
Retirement Party for Mr Alexander Dowie

This is to inform you that Dr Alex Dowie our  Director of the IT Department is retiring on January 23, 2013.  Dr Dowie joined our company 20 years back when the company was in its initial years and was trying to make its place among the top ranked companies in the Mortgage Industry.  Ever since then, he has positively contributed towards the success of this company. We were never short of his advice when it was most needed and his leadership and faith in his fellow colleagues has always been exemplary.
In order to say a formal ‘Good Bye’ and to wish him luck for a relaxed retired life, a farewell dinner is organized by the company at Ramdas Hotel, 45 Johnson st, kingston, Ontario on 23 January, 2013.
You and your spouse are all invited to grace this occasion and express your best wishes to Dr Dowie in person. Kindly RSVP by responding to this email with the name of your guest by 15th of January.


Party invitation letter sample - Birthday Party

Sample letter to your friend inviting him to attend your birthday party

Dear Anshul,
I am very glad to inform you that my birthday falls on 26 December. I am planning to celebrate it with you. Our school will be closed for winter break. There is no problem in visiting our place.
We have arranged a small tea party in the evening. There will be some refreshments there. There will be dance and music programmes. I have invited all my friends and relatives there. I wish that you should come on my birthday and grace the occasion with your presence.
I hope you will come here to attend the party and add to my pleasure. Eagerly waiting for a confirmed reply from you.

Sincerely yours, 


Letter of invitation (email) for your child’s birthday party

Dear Janet (or any other salutation that you have used earlier)
How are you and your little ones? It’s been quite some time, but nevertheless, a perfect occasion is approaching for us to catch up and celebrate. (Insert any other pleasantries).
Our daughter Marianne is turning 1 on 28th Aug, 2013 and we are organizing a birthday party at our place and  inviting some friends and family.  We would like to have you and your children at the party. Here at the details of the party!
  • Venue – Our home – 123 Johnson lane, Nairobi, Kenya.
  • Time: 5:00pm – 7;30pm
  • Date: Sat Aug 28, 201X
Please note that there will be a various party games and food for the kids and adults! We are really grateful for the blessing that Marianne has been to us and we would like to share the joy with you all.
Do convey to us your plans so that we can pick you guys from the station. Pass our regards to Joe and lots of love to your little angles.
Looking forward

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Professional Resignation Letters

Sample 1 - Network Engineer Resignation Letter

Today’s Date
Manager's Name
Manager's Title
Company Name

Dear Mr./Ms. Manager:

Please accept this letter of resignation from the position of network
engineer, effective two weeks from today. My last day at [Company Name] will be [date].
I have accepted a position with another company that will further my growth and development in my career. I have enjoyed working at [company name] and will miss my colleagues. However, this new position will challenge my growth and further my career.
During the next two weeks, I am willing to help you in any way to make the transition as smooth as possible. This includes assisting in recruiting and training my replacement. Please let me know if there is anything specific that you would like me to do.
Again, it has been a pleasure working as a part of your company.

Best regards,

Your signature
Your typed name

Sample 2 - Network Engineer Resignation Letter

Today’s Date

Manager's Name
Manager's Title
Company Name

Dear Mr./Ms. Manager:

This letter is to notify you that I am resigning from [Company Name] as a network engineer
.  [Date] will be my last day of employment.
This wasn’t an easy decision, because I am grateful for the rewarding employment I’ve had with [company name].  But after long hours of consideration, my decision is now final and I have accepted a position with another company.
Please contact me if I can make the transition process proceed more smoothly.

Yours respectfully,

Your signature
Your typed name

Sample 3 - Network Engineer Resignation Letter

Today’s Date

Your Manager's Name
Manager's Title
Company Name

Dear Mr./Ms. Manager:

This is to inform you that I have accepted a position in another company. Therefore, I would like to offer my resignation dated [date].
I appreciate the professional development and growth from [Company Name], and in particular, from you. Your mentoring support has encouraged me, and I hope that we will continue our relationship as I move forward in my career.
I wish you continued growth and success in the future.


Your signature
Your typed name

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