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Monday, July 25, 2016

Sample letter for Nurse Resignation

                         Nurse Resignation Letter
Hospital Name
Hospital Address
Attn: Human Resources

Dear Hospital Administrator,

Please accept this as my formal resignation letter from my position as nurse to be effective from [date]. I have scheduled my resignation from your hospital a month from now, which will allow me sufficient time to prepare my successor to take over my position.

I wish to thank you and all my colleagues at [Hospital Name]l for all your help, professional courtesy, and support. I have immensely enjoyed working here as the head nurse for the past six years, and my experience with this hospital has been greatly rewarding.

You probably already know the reason I am leaving is due to our moving to another state. But I wanted to state officially that my resignation is in no way to be perceived as my being unhappy or dissatisfied with the job, its responsibilities, or leadership of [Hospital Name].

I wish you and the rest of the administrative team continued success, and I want to take this opportunity again to thank you for permitting me to be part of the team.


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