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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Sample Letter to Work Report Letter to Boss


                       * Work Report Letter to Boss *

Dear Sir,

In line with our Project SBC, Please advise us that the following requirements have been met:

a)  Region CA, NY & OHIO have been notified of their shipments.
b)  Marketing calendars are now set to anticipate bulk orders from Region CA.
c)  Coordination have been done between Department Finance to Department HR has been streamlined by Brand Associate 1.

I have also been up to par with work tasks of which you have assigned:

a) Delegate Project Requirement documentation to interns.
b) Finished statistical report on Project SBC brands.
d) Taken sign of to client.

Please let me know if the information in my work report is sufficient. You may email me any questions or concerns.

Thank you


Sonam Kapoor

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