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Friday, October 16, 2015

good bye message to office colleage


                         Good Bye letter or message

Hi All,

Finally I got some time today to express myself about my journey in MPhasis. 24th July was my last working day in MPhasis. I joined MPhasis Oct 2008 and was allocated to BSC project where I worked little less than 7 years. It was great experience for me. I started as an individual contributor and grew to Lead team. This would have not be possible without support my team and leaders. 

In my tenure in MPhasis, I have earned some good friends Arvind, Prakash, Gaurav, Lakshmi, Vishal, Yogesh, Sanjeet, Prafulla. I would to like thank you all for making my stay in MPhasis full of fun.

Also I would like to thanks Anshul for providing opportunity to fulfill my aspirations. 

Thanks Jim Marr and Kent Sutter for your support and guidance, without which my journey in MPhasis would not this great. 

Here is my personal email ID, contact number and facebook link. Keep in touch.

Mobile : 1-xxx-vvv-xxx

thanks and regards,
Mark N.

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