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Friday, March 7, 2014

How to Write a Home Insurance Cancellation Letter (with Sample)


How to Write a Home Insurance Cancellation Letter (with Sample)

Cancellation Letter vs Phone Call

 Insurance policy is always safe to cancel in written while talking on the phone.

Use a Business Format

Always use good application format to write a application to your insurance company , Always show your policy number and address and phone number of your.

Sample 1 -  Home Insurance Cancellation Letter

Date : Jan 1, 2014
Policy Name and Number #:
Policyholder Address :
City, State, Zip
Name of Home Insurance Company :
Address of insurance company:
City, State, Zip

Attn: Cancellations
letter of home insurance
RE: Home Insurance Policy Number#


This letter is to formal request you to cancel my home insurance policy (Policy #) effective (cancellation date : 24-Jan-2014). Please refund the unused portion of  my premium and stop charging the premium following the cancellation date.
Please send me a written confirmation of this cancellation within number of (25 or 30 )days upon receiving this request.
Thank you for your time and prompt attention to this letter.

(Your Signature)
Firstname Lastname

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