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Sunday, March 9, 2014

How to Write a Health Insurance Cancellation Letter

 sample Health Insurance Cancellation Letter
Health Insurance
Insurance policy holders may choose to cancel their insurance policy at any time for various reasons. Although it is important for many people to have their families protected in the event of illness, there are many people who decide to cancel their health insurance policy. One of the reasons that influence people to cancel a health insurance policy is because there are other companies that offer better coverage for lower monthly premiums. Other reasons for canceling a health insurance policy may include the loss of employment from the person responsible for paying the premiums.

Insurance Policy Constitutes a Contract!

Perhaps, another reason for requesting a cancellation may be due to the family’s relocation. For whatever reason it may be, it is always recommended to request a health insurance cancellation in writing because an insurance policy constitutes a contract where the insured agrees and accepts the terms set forth in the contract. Of note, it is important to be aware that only the policyholder is entitled to make any cancellations on the health insurance policy. Also, in cases where there is more than one person insured, only the primary policyholder can proceed to cancel the policy. Despite the fact that canceling a health insurance policy may appear bothersome to many, if one follows an organized series of steps for obtaining a cancellation, this should be a fast, non-complicated process:

Check Your Policy:

Most policies are individually tailored according to the needs of their clients. The first step for canceling a health insurance policy is to review the provisions of one’s policy noting the rights and responsibilities for each policyholder. Many policies include guidance on cancellation steps from the insurer. For instance, instructions on how to cancel, days of notice, and to whom should the cancellation letter be addressed to.

Write a General Letter:

Every letter written for any reasons should always contain general information that helps the company identify the insured: date, insurance company name and address, service requested, policy number, policy period, insurer’s name, phone number and address, as well as the date on which the insured would like the insurance to end.

Provide Reasons for Cancellation:

The letter should provide the insurance company the policyholder’s reasons for requesting the cancellation. It does not have to be detailed, although it has to be clear enough to support your claims. Perhaps, the company where the cancellation is being requested may even match its competitor’s offer if the reasons for said request are due to better and cheaper coverage.

Submit Your Cancellation Letter:

Once the policyholder has appropriately completed all the required information necessary for the insurance company to process the claim, it is time for submitting the letter for request of cancellation.

Sample 1 - Health Insurance Cancellation Letter

Today’s Date

Attn: Cancellations Department
Insurance Company Name
Insurance Company Address
Re: Cancellation of Policy #:

To Whom It May Concern:

I regret to inform you that I, Name of policyholder along with policy # have decided to terminate my health insurance coverage effective immediately. The reason for my decision is based on finding a more comprehensive coverage for a lower cost. Please, send me a written confirmation of the cancellation for my records at your earliest convenience.


Name of policyholder
City, State, zip code

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