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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Sample letter - Change of Address letter to the bank


Change of Address letter to the bank

Here is a sample change of address letter to the bank by the account holder

From: Ujjain
Name:Ratan Lal
Address: pqs ujjain

Date: 11 Jan2014

To: The manager
Bank Name : abc bank
Bank Address : xxx yyy zzz

Dear Sir,

Subject: Change bank of Address Account yyy zzz 

this is  bring you notice that I have shifted old my residence and my new residence address is as follows:

Name: Ratan Lal
New Address: xyz ppp xxx

In support of my new address , My Telephone bill issued the (Name of Provider ) is attached herewith.

I Submitted application for your require action please.

Your Name
Account Holder

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