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Friday, February 28, 2014

Sample Farewell Letter

A Farewell letter to a teacher is written when he or she is leaving the educational institute leaving behind beautiful memories. This letter is written by the school students to appreciate the teacher’s hard work and the time she spent teaching them in the school. It states some memorable instances which are cherished by the students and the lovely times they spent with the teacher also. They bid good-by to the teacher with a loving letter of appreciation.

01st August’2010

Dear teacher,

This letter is on behalf of std.4 C where we all respect the time we spent with you during our school hours. We loved the way you made us study and also appreciate the knowledge you shared with us.
This is to bid a farewell to you on your last day in our school. We all remember our first day to school, when you familiarized the school rules to us. It was the most memorable moment for us. We will miss your presence and your mind blowing speech during the school assemblies.
Please keep in touch on regular intervals. Do come and meet us when ever possible. We will miss your presence all the time.
Yours students,
Class 4 C.

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