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Friday, February 28, 2014

Professional Farewell Letters sample Applicaiton format

Professional farewell letters are written by the subordinates to the boss with a reminder of their resignation. Letter states all the important followings along with the formalities if required. The letter mentions all the employee details along with the dates of the notice period which is served. All the other dues are mentioned for further references along with the letter.
7th Aug ’2010

Dear Sir,

As this company has accepted my resignation letter dated 7th June’2010, today is my last day for attending this organization. I have served a notice period of two months as mentioned in the company’s rules.

I will be joining Heads and Toes Company Ltd as a Senior Project Manager on 15th August’2010. All the HR formalities have been cleared and the follow ups have been passed on to Mr. Ervin Avery. The locker keys are handed over to Mr. abed as per your instructions. All the latest order lists have been passed on to Ms. Leola Bridges and need to be executed as per the deadlines.
In case of any other emergencies feel free to call me on my new cell number 009123456789. My personal email address is the same, so kindly mail me if required.
Kind Regards,
Hershel Yeats.

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