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Friday, February 28, 2014

Request for job transfer letter format

There can be a situation when due to some reasons you should change your residence. In addition, if there is a chance to be transferred to anther branch of your company that can be a better solution than quit a job. The job transfer letter written in a proper way can bring good results. The below given sample can be used for that reason.

Transfer Request Letter
Transfer Request Letter
Mr. Smith
General Manager,
London Bank (A branch)
Dear Mr. Smith,

It is already 4 years that I have been working at this branch and I was devoted to our organization during all these years. Next month I am moving with my family to Cambridge since my wife had been offered a job there. This job opportunity is great and she was searching for that for a long time. The company had no any branches in London, therefore our family shuld move to Cambridge. For that reason, I request you to consider my job transfer to the branch in Cambridge. The transfer will be very beneficial for me. I do not want to quit the organization, which I am so loyal with and the work for the Bank in other city can be a solution.

I hope for you understanding. Please, consider my request.

John Baker

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